atr Advantage blog series


Lucy Taylor - Monday, February 09, 2015

Welcome to the first Business by Design blog post.  To begin, lets take a look at the infographic where atr Advantage have defined some key areas, useful to obtain a sharp business focus.  There is space for you to grow into your cap, your business SCOPE.  This is topic number one- read on- if you please.

This chart is a guide for bringing focus to your business plans (even personal) situation moving forward in 2015.  It might seem unwieldy on the outset, but go with it.  This blog series will help the questions flow between you and your partner, colleagues, even just get some things straight in your own head.  Don't underestimate the time spent on re-imagining your work; its golden.

Lets look at the concept of SCOPE now.  Not define it, but explore some of the ways where considering SCOPE might give you greater freedom and reach.  

Something that can be considered is, how relevant some of your work activities are.  Are you say, sponsoring a community event that resonates with you?  How is your time spent?  Is it well spent on the right activities or motivations to further your profit, or business/ personal goals that might look more anthropologic?  

The scope of your business might look like a mass of land, lets use the map of Tasmania as a visual representation of your scope.  What is your scope trained on?  Where are the opportunities to value add?  This map is the area you might have already mapped, your business has a broad reach.

  •   You've got great expanses of resources laid across the countryside.
  •   Lets examine it carefully.  There are some areas that you prefer to stay away from.  Why is that?
  •   Is there a component of your business that would be better outsourced?
  •   Would you be better leaving some of this territory, say your marketing or your media leverage to another more skilled company? 

Maybe your map of Tasmania is an untouched island like the graphic above.  No tracks leading you across the mountainous landscape.

What are you looking for in your explorations?  A mineral rich deposit, off-road, somewhere?  Have you got the right wheels to get there?  Someone on the other end of the UHF to help winch you out of the inevitable bog holes. 

How would the landscape of your business or personal finances look ultimately.  The advantage of looking at your scope is seeing how to make your next move.  Where you need to base yourself, how to make tracks from South, up North West.  What opportunities or possibilities are there in your industry?

The capacity for action can be scoped.  This might involve some time spent in training, or connecting with the right peeps.  You will have to become active to broaden your scope.

  • Consider:
  • Relevance
  • Freedom
  • Reach

And congratulations, that is your first "out of office", exploratory lesson in Business by Design.  Jot down some notes (this will help clear your scope) and please share your scope insights with the atr Advantage community.  It would be great to have different perspectives on the matter.  How have you have adjusted your business or personal finance scope for the better or worse?